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Are you facing charges related to fraud? Deception, concealment, theft or scheme are all considered fraudulent crimes. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. That’s where The Defenders can assist you.

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Whether you’re facing charges related to white-collar crimes, gambling and casino-related crimes, identity theft, tax evasion, or any other type of fraud, The Defenders are here to help. We have experience in defending against a wide range of fraud charges and will work tirelessly to protect your rights and interests.

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Crimes categorized as fraud are typically defined as a non-violent crime that involves deception, concealment, theft or scheme. There are many different types of fraudulent crimes and each one is a known practice area that The Defenders can assist with. Some of these crimes are not only charged at a state level, but they can also be charged at the federal level.

Most Common Fraudulent Crimes

  • White Collar Crimes: Many times, white-collar crimes are committed by business professionals, public officials, or other professional people with the means and access to commit such crimes. Depending on the type of white-collar crime committed, it can be investigated and prosecuted by the state or the federal government.
  • Gambling and Casino: Scheming to beat the house in an unethical or illegal way. The most common casino and gambling crimes are inside jobs, chip grab-and-runs, and craps cheats. These and many other fraud crimes are committed at casinos daily in Las Vegas.
  • Casino Markers: Gambling is all fun and games until you are unable to pay the casino back for the marker they have loaned you. But, failure to pay these debts can result in serious criminal charges.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Making a false injury claim and accepting workers’ compensation payment you do not really deserve or are entitled to.
  • Insurance: Making false insurance claims to benefit yourself is a crime that will place you in an unnecessary position.
  • Identity Theft: Sometimes we envy what others have, but stealing their personal identification information to access their money or property is a crime. An identity theft conviction can have a negative impact on your future endeavors, especially if you are convicted of a felony.
  • Unemployment: When you/employer purposely mislead the government to obtain unemployment benefits is considered a fraudulent activity that is punishable with fines and possible imprisonment.
  • Mortgage: Placing false information on a mortgage loan application to obtain a larger loan than would have originally been given.
  • Telemarketing: This refers to any fraudulent selling conducted over the telephone.
  • Advance Fee Schemes: This type of scam usually involves the promising of a large sum of money in exchange for a small up-front payment. Partaking in this type of scam is a fraud crime and can get you in serious trouble with the law.
  • Health Insurance Fraud: This is a crime in not only the state law, but also federal law. This type of fraud is when someone knowingly presents any dishonest statement to an insurance company that leads to a claim or insurance policy decision being made under false evidences.
  • Investment Scams: Also known as securities or stock fraud, this is when investors make purchases or sales based on false information, theft from investors, stock manipulation, or false information on a company’s financial report.
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  • Wire Fraud: This form of fraudulent activity takes place using information technology or telecommunications to perform some type of financial fraud.
  • Bank Fraud: This criminal offense is using illegal actions to obtain money, assets, or other property by posing as a bank or other financial institution.
  • Money Laundering: Transferring money acquired illegally to a foreign bank account in attempts to conceal the illegal source of money.
  • Corporate Fraud: This crime is when an individual or a company partakes in fraudulent and illegal activities that bring forth an advantage to the individual or company.
  • Embezzlement: This usually occurs in an employment or corporate setting and is defined as the theft of assets by someone who is put in a position of trust or responsibility over the stolen assets.
  • Forgery: You may have heard forgery is simply signing someone else’s name on a document – for example, a paycheck – but this is not true. Forgery only occurs when someone intends to commit fraud or damage someone out of property, money or legal rights.
  • Bribery: Most bribery charges are going to be a felony, which can lead to hefty fines and prison time. There are several types of bribery in the State of Nevada, including: the bribery of a public official, witness, juror, or judge, any bribery that has to do with sports, or any type of commercial bribery.
  • Tax Evasion: If you have purposely evaded an assessment or payment of a tax, you are looking at tax evasion, which can lead to imprisonment and fines.
  • Government Fraud: Any kind of fraud committed against or involving the federal government will be considered government fraud.

Learn more about the different fraud crimes in Nevada here. In this article, we discuss more about each crime including the penalties for a conviction, as well as common defenses against these charges.

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