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Expungement and record sealingHaving a criminal record can negatively affect your life, following you everywhere. Not only does it affect your ability to find a job, it can even cause challenges with continuing education or signing a lease. Even if the criminal case does not result in a conviction, the record of arrest and prosecution will still remain. An individual facing this challenge has two options, getting their record sealed, or getting the record removed from the public, a procedure called expungement.

Expungement vs. Record Sealing

There is a difference between expunging someone’s record and sealing someone’s record. If a record is sealed, it still will “exist” in both a legal and physical sense. Typically, once a person turns 18, their juvenile criminal proceedings will be sealed, only accessible with a court order. Expunging a record is when the record is actually deleted. Having a case expunged usually only happens when a person’s criminal case was dismissed, it is rarely available for cases that resulted in a conviction.

Expungement vs. Pardon

Just because the record has been expunged doesn’t mean that you have been pardoned. Being pardoned means that the person is forgiven for an offense and the remaining punishment is canceled. This is only necessary for a conviction. Unlike an expungement, if someone is pardoned, their criminal file remains on public record. The individual who was pardoned does have an option to petition for expungement.


If you have a traffic ticket that has gone unresolved, and you’ve missed your court date for whatever reason, the court may have issued a warrant against you. You may be arrested for an outstanding warrant against you, you can even be arrested while trying to take care of the warrant. This is not a time to do nothing and see what might happen. One thing is for sure, that it won’t go away on its own. The Defenders offers the best solution for lifting your warrant. We begin by researching and quashing your warrant, as well as getting to the bottom of the underlying ticket. Let our attorneys work with the court and law enforcement on your behalf, resolving and eliminating the warrant against you.


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