Drug Crime Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada

Facing a drug charge can lead you to be confused, frightened, and unsure of what to do next. Being subject to an investigation of your person, home, vehicle or other property can be disconcerting, and going through the legal process can make you feel like a hardened criminal, even if you’re not. Although drug crimes are some of the most commonly prosecuted crimes in Nevada, being convicted will still leave you with significant consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life. Contrary to the reputation Sin City has, Las Vegas has some of the harshest drug laws against distribution, possession, and trafficking. Having a drug charge will show on your criminal record as a narcotics offense. If you’re facing drug crime charges, take them seriously and retain a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer with experience in Nevada drug laws.

The Defenders will answer your questions and listen to your concerns, because we understand how confusing and disconcerting being charged with a crime can be. We will help you understand your rights under Nevada law and go over all of the options available to you. The Defenders will help you make the decisions necessary to protect your rights, your record and your future. Call today for a consultation.

The Defenders can assist with a number of drug crimes, including:

  • Trafficking
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Sales or manufacturing
  • Possession
  • Marijuana
  • Scheduled/controlled substances
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Meth
  • Oxycontin/Oxycodone
  • PCP
  • Mushrooms
  • Prescription drugs
  • Smuggling
  • Importation

What Will Happen If I Am Convicted Of Drug Crimes?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime – whether you were merely possessing the drug, selling, trafficking or cultivating or manufacturing a drug – and the type of drug involved, you could face a variety of penalties, including but not limited to:

  • Possible substantial fines
  • Possible county jail or state prison time
  • Possible criminal record
  • Probation

How Can I Fight Drug Charges?

The first step to effectively fighting the charges against you is to hire a lawyer who will defend your case aggressively. There are many different ways to defend against drug charges, and a strong defense depends on the skill level and expertise of the criminal defense attorney. The Defenders have successfully defended a variety of drug crime cases and have the experience you need to build the strongest case possible and prevail in court.

We will give your case the time and attention it deserves, and will do whatever it takes to help protect your rights and freedoms. We want to keep your criminal record clean. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, don’t wait. Call The Defenders now for a consultation to discuss your options.

Las Vegas Drug Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney – The Defenders

It is important you contact Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers immediately so we can start creating an aggressive defense for your case. The Defenders delivers an honest and straightforward response to your charges while providing you personable and communicative involvement throughout the duration of your case. We’re aggressive when we need to be, compassionate when it counts, and always dedicated to your success. That’s what makes us The Defenders, a proud branch of the Richard Harris Law Firm.

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