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White collar crimesWhat are White-Collar Crimes?

White-collar crimes are those that involve fraud or theft by a person during the course of their employment. Usually these allegations are brought upon a person who is in a trusted position within the business. There are many professionals who can be accused of white-collar crimes; it doesn’t have to just be large corporations, it can be small businesses, as well. White-collar crimes include forgery, identity theft, embezzlement, mortgage fraud, money laundering, credit card fraud, conspiracy, wire and mail fraud, bribery, healthcare fraud, RICO or conspiracy to commit RICO (Racketeering influenced and corrupt organization act), or computer crimes.

Most common white-collar crimes in Las Vegas:

  • Identity Theft: Possession or sale of personal identification information or documents used to establish false status or identity, obtaining and using someone else’s personal information to harm or assume the individuals identity, or using a person’s identifying information for any type of unlawful action.
  • Insurance Fraud: Any act committed with the intent to obtain an outcome from an insurance process that the alleged offender is not entitled to receive.  
  • Mortgage Fraud: Anyone who does not give a bank or company the complete information, or hides/falsifies information, in order to obtain a fraudulent mortgage.
  • Investment and Securities Fraud: Deliberate deception made to secure an advantage in violation with federal and state trading laws.
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud: Any lie or misrepresentation made to benefit the employee, employer or provider in any way.
  • Unemployment Fraud: When the alleged offender knowingly lies or uses deceit to collect unemployment benefits that they wouldn’t normally be eligible for.
  • False Billing/Healthcare Fraud: When someone in the healthcare industry overbills the government for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. This usually occurs in a small medical practice.

Penalties for white-collar crimes include category B or C felonies in most cases. These felony charges are accompanied by one to 20 years in prison and fines up to $100,000. The alleged offender will also face restitution and the cost to repair their credit history and ratings and the criminal record that will greatly affect their life.

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