Arrested While Visiting Las Vegas? Know What to Do Next!

Las Vegas is known for its lively entertainment, neon lights, bustling casinos, and nightlife that never fails to impress. It’s a popular destination for people looking to have fun and let loose.

Known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” it attracts millions of visitors each year who come to party, gamble, and see world-class shows. It’s no secret that Vegas has become a sought-after destination for events and activities like bachelors parties, girls’ weekends, Raiders games, and concerts at Allegiant Stadium.

However, while it is a paradise for party-goers, it’s important to note that Las Vegas also has strict laws that tourists and residents alike should be aware of. It’s crucial to acknowledge that there are boundaries to having a good time in Sin City.

Moreover, there are many misconceptions about what is legal, safe, and acceptable behavior in Las Vegas. If you’re planning a trip to this vibrant city, it’s essential to do your research and know the rules that can help you avoid any dangerous or criminal situations.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, don’t hesitate to contact The Defenders. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can provide the legal representation you need to protect your rights and fight for justice. Contact our team today for a free case evaluation.

Marijuana Laws in Las Vegas and Nevada

Nevada legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults aged 21 and above. However, there are still restrictions that must be followed, such as not using it in public places, including casinos and hotels.

Transporting marijuana across state lines is also illegal. It’s important to remember that violating these restrictions can lead to hefty fines and even jail time.

As exciting as it may be to visit a place where marijuana has been legalized, visitors must remember that there are still legal limits and behaviors that can lead them straight to jail.

While recreational marijuana consumption is legal in Nevada, there’s still no legal place to smoke it.

You can consume edibles, but smoking marijuana in a hotel room or in public is still a crime, and you will be arrested if caught.

Public use of marijuana is a misdemeanor and carries a fine of up to $600. Also, any marijuana purchased at a legal dispensary may only be used in Nevada, and transport of marijuana across state lines remains a federal crime.

So, if you’re planning to take some stash left over after your visit, attempting to sell weed can lead to a felony charge with up to four years of jail time for first-time offenders.

Smoking while driving or driving while high is also illegal and can lead to a DUI charge.

Marijuana remains a Class 1 controlled substance to federal officials. This means, if you are visiting federal lands, which surround Las Vegas, you can be arrested at those locations for recreational marijuana use and charged with a federal crime.

Drug Crimes in Nevada

Other Drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy), cocaine, hallucinogens, and prescription opioids are illegal to possess in Nevada; are considered Class 1 controlled substances and carry felony charges if arrested.

A conviction of a felony charge can result in long jail sentences and other penalties.

If you’re arrested on drug charges while partying in Las Vegas, you should immediately seek the services of an experienced lawyer. The Defenders stands ready to represent you against drug charges.

Prostitution and Solicitation in Las Vegas

Prostitution is legal in some areas of Nevada. There are strict rules around this and can land you in trouble if you don’t follow them. Soliciting or engaging in prostitution within Clark County is also considered a criminal offense and can lead to significant fines and even jail time.

Prostitution under Nevada law is defined as: “…engaging in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee, monetary consideration or other thing of value,” is illegal in Clark (Las Vegas), Douglas, Eureka, Lincoln, Pershing and Washoe (Reno) Counties, and Carson City in Nevada.

“Sexual conduct” as defined under this statute, is “…sexual intercourse, oral-genital contact or any touching of the sexual organs or other intimate parts of a person…”

Prostitution is only legal in state-licensed brothels located outside of those municipalities. The closest location to Las Vegas that allows legalized prostitution is in Pahrump, NV, over 60 miles away from Las Vegas.

Solicitation, defined as requesting said behavior, is also illegal in Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County. Despite flyers, and billboards on wheels visitors may see on the Strip, you can be arrested for solicitation in Las Vegas. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), also known as Metro, enforces these laws through regular sting operations and undercover officers, but you can be arrested for solicitation on very scanty evidence, such as the testimony of a witness to a conversation, and does not require corroboration for an arrest to occur.

If you are arrested on solicitation charges in Las Vegas, you will be charged with a misdemeanor with fines up to $1,000 and/or up to six months in jail.

The Defenders will provide a vigorous defense against these charges and any other sex crimes.

Being Drunk in Public in Las Vegas

Being drunk in public may not be a criminal offense, but it can certainly lead to problematic and erratic behavior. While others may tolerate or ignore it, some people act negatively when under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk individuals tend to lose inhibitions, which may result in actions that could lead to trouble with the law. For example, someone who is heavily intoxicated may start a fight, damage property, or even get behind the wheel of a car.

While being drunk in public may not be punishable by law, it can still lead to serious consequences that affect not only the individual but also the people around them. It’s important to remember to drink responsibly and stay safe when out in public, for your sake and others’.

State law forbids cities, counties and towns in Nevada from passing ordinances making it so:

the use of alcohol, the status of drunkard and the fact of being found in an intoxicated condition are not public offenses and shall not be so treated in any ordinance or resolution of a county, city or town.”

Additionally, despite this rather open attitude toward public intoxication, there are strict Open Container Laws in most parts of Clark County, especially when near liquor stores.

The Protective Custody Rule may come into play if you are so intoxicated that you cannot function. If you fall asleep drinking at a bar, you may find this rule comes into play. This rule can allow officers to take you into custody, (by force if needed) and deliver you to a medical facility or jail for up to 48 hours, to sleep it off. While you are not under arrest, and not charged with a crime, you have still been detained.

Disorderly Conduct and Disturbing the Peace in Las Vegas

Disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct might seem like minor infractions, but in reality, they can result in serious legal consequences. These charges can come with hefty fines and even lead to jail time.

Examples include acting in an aggressive manner, fighting, or creating a disturbance in public places such as a casino or hotel. Also, while you may not be charged criminally, these establishments can ask you to leave and not return. They have this right since they are a private establishment. The Defenders can provide you with legal advice on what to do if this situation arises.

If police officers are involved, it’s important to remember that Las Vegas law enforcement does not tolerate unlawful behavior.

In addition to Nevada law, municipalities may also regulate this type of behavior. Nevada statutes define breach of the peace as: maliciously and willfully disturbing “the peace or quiet of any neighborhood or person or family by loud or unusual noises, or by tumultuous and offensive conduct, threatening, traducing, quarreling, challenging to fight, or fighting….” (NRS 203.010)

It’s important to remember that being respectful of others and following the laws is essential for maintaining a safe and peaceful community.

It is a misdemeanor and if convicted can subject you to up to six months in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.

So next time you’re out in public, keep in mind the potential consequences of disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace and make a conscious effort to be respectful and considerate of others.

DUI Laws in Las Vegas

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a severe crime in Nevada, with stiff penalties including jail time, fines, and the installation of an ignition interlock device.

It’s essential to never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Instead, take advantage of taxis, Ubers, or designated drivers to avoid unnecessary trouble and to keep yourself and others safe.

While a first-time DUI is a misdemeanor, the penalties are harsh and will subject you to possible license suspension in your home state. Additionally, police may impound the vehicle you are driving at the time of the stop.

If you are found driving with a Blood/Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of over .08 as determined by either by breath or blood test, you will be charged with DUI. Other substances found in excess of state-determined values will subject you to a DUI.

If an attorney does not represent you, you will be required to appear at all hearings and court proceedings. The services of a qualified aggressive local attorney will protect your rights during any DUI charges you receive when visiting Las Vegas.

The Defenders Can Assist if the Party in Las Vegas Ends Badly

Las Vegas is an exciting city, and visitors can have a great time as long as they follow the city’s laws and regulations. It’s essential to be mindful of legal limits when using drugs and alcohol and to avoid engaging in criminal activities such as prostitution and disorderly conduct.

When having fun, always keep your safety and the safety of others in mind. By following these guidelines, you can stay out of trouble and enjoy all the fantastic things Las Vegas has to offer.

Unfortunately, sometimes things can take a turn for the worse. Whether it’s a fight breaking out or someone getting too drunk and causing a scene, it’s important to have someone who can come to the rescue.

That’s where The Defenders come in. Our team of skilled attorneys is dedicated to defending the rights of those who have been accused of crimes or are facing legal troubles.

The Defenders team has handled cases for visitors to Las Vegas and provides proactive and aggressive criminal representation for you if charged while in Las Vegas. These charges will follow you home and can negatively affect your life and livelihood. What happens in Vegas do not stay in Vegas if you’ve been charged with a criminal offense while visiting.

If your party in Las Vegas ends badly and you or someone you know needs legal assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Defenders. Contact our office today for a free case evaluation.

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