Do I Have a Warrant in My Name?

how to check if you have a warrant on your name in Nevada


In Nevada, you may determine whether or not there are outstanding warrants in your name by searching online, or calling by phone, but it is recommended to hire a lawyer for the latter method. Those who have active warrants should not risk calling, as their location and information may be tracked by law enforcement, although this is rare. If you or a loved one has an active warrant, the best option is to consult with a lawyer and have someone you can trust on your side. Setting a consultation to discuss the options available and how it may be recalled is wise, especially since the lawyer may be able to get the warrant quashed without their defendant appearing in court. 

If and when a crime is committed without law enforcement present, they must get an arrest warrant prior to arresting their criminal suspect. If there is an arrest warrant out for you or your loved one, it can be debilitating, like someone is watching your every move or following you. Having a trusted partner with the legal knowledge and experience needed in these situations is key. They will work with you through the process, whether you are determining if a warrant is active in your name or if you are aware of the warrant and need legal assistance.

Las Vegas Warrants – Do I Have One?

  • Checking Online
    • In order to check whether or not a warrant is issued in your name, or confirm what was issued in Las Vegas, the name and social security number of the person in question must be searched on the website for the City of Las Vegas Marshal, under the Warrant Search or for Las Vegas Justice Court. Visit the website for the Las Vegas Township Justice Court and follow the prompts for the Records Inquiry. Note: If you or your loved one has an active warrant, it should appear with a red and white “W,” along with the case number. 
  • Checking Via Phone Call
    • Depending on where your warrant was issued, the following contacts may assist in collecting additional information: 
      • Las Vegas Municipal Court: 702.229.2067
      • Las Vegas Justice Court: 702.671.3201
    • To check for warrants in other places in Clark County, follow the appropriate prompts provided by your designated court:
      • Boulder City Municipal Court
      • Boulder City Justice Court
      • Bunkerville Justice Court
      • Goodsprings Justice Court
      • Henderson Municipal Court
      • Henderson Justice Court
      • Laughlin Justice Court
      • Mesquite Municipal Court
      • Mesquite Justice Court
      • Moapa Justice Court
      • Moapa Valley Justice Court
      • North Las Vegas Municipal Court
      • North Las Vegas Justice Court
      • Searchlight Justice Court

Why Do I Have a Warrant in My Name?

For warrants, many factors and situations may play a role in the cause of an issued warrant: 

  • If someone commits a crime, without law enforcement present, and the officer requests that a judge issue a warrant following the presentation of probable cause using evidence
  • If a District Attorney files a complaint in your name
  • If a grand jury indicts you

Quashing Warrants in Las Vegas, Nevada

When finding out there is an active warrant in your or a loved one’s name, it can be frightening and concerning. The option to appear in court, along with a defense lawyer should be the priority, prior to being arrested. This action may be pleasing to the judge and leave a lasting impact, as they are often impressed when a suspect comes to court in light of their violation or active warrant. This may, and often, can result in reduced fines and charges.

Las Vegas police may arrest those with active warrants at any time. Those who have active warrants should turn to a trusted lawyer as soon as possible, as they will help defend the defendant and fight for their rights. For most misdemeanor cases, law enforcement seldom searches for suspects, but will arrest them if they run into them, especially if they are stopped for another violation. In most felony cases, law enforcement may take effort to search for and track down the targeted suspect.

Never hesitate to contact The Defenders to learn more about searching for active warrants and removing them. 

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