David Kohlmeier

David Kohlmeier

Director of Client Relations

David leads The Defenders’ client relations department. In this role, David uses his knowledge and experience to assist clients while the firm’s attorneys navigate their cases through the criminal justice system.

David has a significant history of helping people in need. He spent the first half of his professional career as a law enforcement officer in both New York, NY, and Henderson, NV. While working as an officer, he honed his crisis management and public relations skills to resolve conflicts to minimize issues on his patrols.

Born and raised in New York, David spent almost four years as a police officer in Brooklyn. He assisted with excavation and lighting during the clean-up phase of 9/11. David visited Nevada when he was 17 and knew that one day he would enjoy the opportunity to live there, and that opportunity came in 2002, when he joined the City of Henderson Police Department. He spent 12 years there before beginning his client relations work in criminal defense law firms.

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