DMV Admin Hearings and License Revocation

DMV Admin Hearings and License Revocation

When charged with a DUI you are faced with a serious impact on your life, overwhelming emotions, and harsh penalties. Within these harsh penalties lies the revocation of your driver’s license. If you decide to appeal this suspension, you will need to request an administrative hearing from the Nevada DMV. The type of testing you underwent during the arrest will determine the amount of time you have to request your hearing to get the license suspension reversed. If you took a Breathalyzer test, you have seven days to request a DMV administrative hearing. If you went with a blood draw at the time of arrest, you can request a hearing at any point before or within 90 days.

Remember, if you live out-of-state, your suspension notice will be sent to your state’s DMV as well as the creation of a dummy record in Nevada, in case you try to apply for a Nevada driver’s license. You may or may not receive a suspended license from your state of residence. In Nevada, the State does not necessarily suspend your license as a punishment to the driver. It is a precaution to protect other drivers on the street that might be impacted by your reckless driving.

License Revocation in Las Vegas – The Defenders can protect your driving rights

You must act quickly to protect your driving rights after a DUI in Nevada. After being arrested for a DUI you are faced with an administrative suspension of your driver’s license unless you act quickly to protect your driving rights. This requires you to apply for an administrative hearing from the DMV. If you win the DMV administrative hearing, your license will be returned to you pending your criminal case resolution. Requesting a hearing in regards to the withdrawal of your license can be done by clicking here.

Administrative Hearings – A Las Vegas Attorney to help you

The Administrative Court was put in place to oversee government agencies and make sure the public has the right to appeal any administrative action taken by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The Office of Administrative Hearings is neither a civil or criminal court, meaning it has no impact on another case, and this court operates under the same principles as any other court as well as the judge being independent, impartial, and fair. Whatever the judge comes to as the conclusion from the case will be final and binding and any type of appeal will be met in the District Court or the Nevada Supreme Court.

You do have the option to represent yourself, or to have an attorney represent you. You always put yourself at the mercy of the judge when you represent yourself since this is probably something you have not done before. This process can be confusing, overwhelming, and unclear. Your best choice would be to hire an experienced attorney, like The Defenders criminal defense attorneys, to help you fight your charges and get you back on the road driving again.

There is one limitation when you request a hearing. One will not be granted to you if you did not submit to any type of evidentiary testing at the time of arrest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do anything about my license being suspended?

Yes, but you only have seven days from the date of suspension to appeal this if you took a breath test. You must contest your license suspension with an administrative hearing at the DMV. This procedure may be confusing and daunting, contact The Defenders today so we can assist you with this procedure.

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