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Individuals arrested in Elko, Nevada, will be booked at the Elko County Jail. This medium-sized holding facility can detain up to 120 people at one time. Those typically incarcerated here have committed crimes such as DUI, shoplifting or battery domestic violence.

The address for Elko County Detention Center is:

775 W. Silver Street 
Elko, NV 89801

Finding an Inmate at the Elko County Jail

The Elko Detention Facility does not publish inmate information online. If you believe that a friend or loved one may be detained there, please call the jail at 775-777-2530.

Our Nevada criminal defense lawyers at The Defenders provide general information about the Beatty Jail, including:

  • Process of bailing out inmates
  • Inmate release information
  • How to phone inmates
  • Jail visitation hours
  • Mailing to inmates
  • Releasing property from inmates
  • Medical and other personal needs
  • How to transfer funds to inmates
  • Shopping privileges

Process of Bailing Out Inmates

Inmates can be bailed out twenty-four hours a day. Bail may be paid in cash at the jail at 775 West Silver Street, Elko, Nevada 89801.

In addition, the Elko County Jail accepts bail bondsmen as payment.

Bail Hotline – 775-777-2530

You may call the Elko County Detention Center hotline for the latest information about the bail process.

How to Phone Inmates

Inmates at the Beatty Holding Facility are not able to receive calls, but they are allowed to place collect calls during certain times of the week.

Visitation Rules and Schedule

Elko County Sheriff’s Office provides The Visitor™ video visitation system to allow greater ease and convenience for friends, family members, and professionals. This service allows people to schedule and conduct visits through video chat at any time that is convenient for them, which eliminates the need to wait in line or travel to the facility.

Video visitation also offers inmates more opportunities since they never have to leave their housing unit while visitors can choose whether they would like to visit onsite or from another location.

Schedule a video visit using the ICSolutions website or app.

To schedule an on-site visit, call the jail at 775-777-2530.

Mailing to Inmates

All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband prior to delivery. The mailing address is:

Elko County Detention Center
c/o Inmate name and number
P.O. Box 2028
Elko, NV 89803

Releasing Property of Inmates

Those incarcerated in Elko Jail may release their property to an outside person. The recipient of the goods must visit the jail at 775 West Silver Street in Elko, Nevada 89801 and present a photo ID before completing release paperwork.

How to Transfer Funds to Inmates

To transfer money to an inmate’s books, there are the following options:

  • Online – via JailATM
  • By Mail – The Elko County Jail accepts money orders of up to $150 made payable to the jail, with the inmate’s name on the memo line. Please follow the guidelines for sending mail to an inmate.
  • In Person

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