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Once you have been convicted of a DUI first offense in Nevada you will be required to do several things to complete your DUI court program and get your license back. Failing to do everything on the list will result in further loss of license and even jail time in some cases.

One of the things that DUI offenders must do is attend a court-ordered DUI school. All first-time offenders are required to attend this class.

Usually, the judge will allow three to six months to complete the class but it must be completed before you can get your license back. DUI offenders are required to pay for all required classes and any other court-ordered programs.

If you are a second or third-time DUI offender the penalties will be much more severe with stiffer penalties and requirements to get your license back.

What Is DUI School

DUI class in Nevada is an 8-hour education class on traffic safety and warnings about drunk driving. The class can be given online or in person. Nevada judges order all first-time DUI offenders to take the class after they have either pled guilty or no contest to DUI.

The Nevada DMV has a list of DUI schools by city. It also has information about whether you can attend online or in-person only.

Typically the price is around $100 for the class of first-time offenders.

If you have a particularly high blood alcohol level the court may require you to attend an additional class known as “The Coroner’s DUI Program.” This class involves viewing photos of dead drunk driving victims as a deterrent to driving under the influence.

If you are on your second DUI offense you are not usually sentenced to the eight-hour course. People with a second offense DUI will typically be ordered to a much longer substance abuse and alcohol awareness education course.

If the court thinks you may have an addiction problem, you may be eligible to attend DUI court, which is a very intensive rehabilitation program that takes several years to complete.

The Coroner’s DUI program

The Coronor’s DUI program is an intensive in-person class that takes place at the Coroner’s office.

Defendants are required to attend the class and view images of victims of drunk driving that are deceased. You will not actually see a dead body up close.

This course is ordered for people who have a blood alcohol concentration of .18% or higher. This class is in addition to attending the 8-hour traffic safety awareness class.

DUI School Class Details

The class can be online or in person depending on the circumstances of your penalties. Online is a series of lessons that you must read and review over the course of a timed class. Then you will take an exam of multiple choice questions at the end.

The in-class presentation is a combination of:

  • Class discussions
  • In-class exercises
  • Lectures
  • Video presentation
  • Final exam

The in-person class is usually given on the weekends from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and you must attend the entire day. A judge may order you to attend the class in person and not do the class online.

The final exam has multiple choices. If you don’t pass, you can retake the test.

Once the class is completed you will receive a certificate and the court will be notified of your completion of the class.

How Much Does DUI School Cost

Since there are several courses that are ordered by the judge, the cost will vary depending on the course ordered. Note that this is just the fee you pay for the school. There are other costs associated with getting a DUI.

You are required to pay for all classes or other penalties assigned by the court out of pocket. The following are the most common courses ordered by the court and the cost:

  1. 8-hour standard first offense class (required by all first-time offenders): $89-$185
  2. 16-hour Level 2 Drug/Alcohol Class (2nd-time offenders): $275
  3. 24-hour Level 3 class: $325
  4. Coroner’s Program: $150

Note that this is on top of any other fines and penalties.

Can I Get Out of DUI School

You cannot get out of taking the DUI class in Nevada. If you need a judge may give you a longer period of time to complete the course but you cannot get out of it.

If you enter the DUI court or intensive rehab program you don’t have to attend the 8-hour class. Failure to attend and complete the class by the deadline can result in a jail sentence of up to six months.

What if My Case Gets Reduced to Reckless Driving

If for some reason your charges get dropped to Reckless Driving, which is rare, the judge may still require you to attend the 8-hour traffic safety course.

You may also be subject to all penalties that you would incur if you were convicted of first offense DUI.

What if I Live Out of State

Since most of the DUI defendants are tourists, the judges in Nevada try to accommodate out-of-state defendants. So if a person lives out of state the court can require him/her to take the class online from anywhere.

If you don’t have internet access the judge can order the defendant to take the class in their home state. The judge must approve this ahead of time and the classes must be similar.

If you are required to attend the Coroner’s DUI program, you must return to Las Vegas unless your home state offers a similar court-approved program.

What if I Don’t Finish the Program

If the defendant has a good reason for not completing the class in the time given by the court, the judge may agree to give the defendant extra time. Some examples of the reasons a judge might grant extra time are:

  • You were too sick to attend the class
  • You were caring for a sick family member and too busy to attend the class
  • The defendant did not have the money to pay for the class

You are more likely to get additional time if the court is aware of these issues ahead of time. The court is not likely to give more time after the deadline has passed.

When you get a DUI in Nevada the judge may impose a six-month suspended jail sentence. To avoid the jail term you must complete all the other sentencing requirements including DUI school.

If you fail to attend DUI school or fail to complete the class by the deadline the judge may impose the suspended jail sentence.

The Defenders Criminal Defense Attorneys - Best of Las Vegas Gold WinnerWhat Are the Other Drunk Driving Penalties

For a first-time DUI offense in Nevada, the penalties include the following as well as the DUI class:

  1. A fine of anywhere from $400-$1000
  2. Victim impact class ex. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) victim impact class
  3. Six-month suspended jail sentences
  4. A six-month driver’s license suspension by the Nevada DMV. You may be able to get a restricted license to attend work as long as you place an ignition interlock device installed at the defendant’s costs.
  5. You are required to not get any further arrests or citations while your case is pending

These are the penalties for a first-time offense. The penalties and fines increase if you are convicted of additional DUI offenses. A third offense will make it a Felony DUI, not a misdemeanor, which carries additional repercussions.

How Can the Defenders Help With Your DUI Case

DUI charges are very serious and can result in jail time. Most people have little or no knowledge of how the court system works. If you have been charged with DUI or any other crime it is important to hire a defense team with knowledge of the court system and the law, especially DUI charges and penalties.

A defense lawyer with expertise in DUI will apply their knowledge and skills to defend your DUI case. Never try to navigate the court system without a lawyer that specializes in your particular case.

In some cases, it can do more harm than good to not hire an attorney. Not having an attorney representing you results in higher penalties and fines.

Our team of DUI attorneys will:

  • Aggressively try and get the penalties reduced
  • Protect you from prosecution
  • Can examine evidence for your case
  • Help you keep your criminal history clean

Call The Defenders today for a free case evaluation.

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