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Governor Sisolak Outlines the State’s plans to Repoen the State.

Governor Steve Sisolak of Nevada in a press conference April 21, 2020, outlined the state’s plans to reopen the state, but at this point declined to set a beginning date for the phased reopening.  Among the specifics detailed in the state’s plan are that Nevada schools will not reopen this school year, and non-essential businesses will remain closed until a sustained decline in new cases of COVID-19 and hospitalizations for the illness over a 14-day period becomes apparent.

Characterizing the current circumstance as Phase Zero, Governor Sisolak will rely on health and medical officials within his administration to continue to review state progress to prepare for Phase 1 reopening.  Data being reviewed by the state seem to substantiate a plateau in new cases and hospitalizations for the disease, however there is insufficient data at this point to confirm a decline in new cases.

The governor’s office will announce when those benchmarks are reached and will specify a date for when the state enters Phase 1 of the reopening.  In the meantime, the state will work to make sure that vulnerable people, such as those residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities will have protections in place for when the reopening begins.

Also, of primary consideration for the governor’s office are that the state does not show a resurgence of cases once the phased reopening begins.  “We could flip the switch and turn the lights back on, but our experts predict, and expert experience elsewhere in the world shows us, if we don’t do this in a controlled and informed manner, we’ll be hit like a tidal wave in two or three weeks,” Governor Sisolak said. “The emergency is not over yet.”

While the emergency continues, all are being advised to continue the social distancing guidelines set forth by the state and federal governments.  The governor’s office is continuing to develop specifics of what the Phase 1 reopening will look like.  It appears that nursing home visits are being discouraged and that bars will remain closed under current Phase 1 plans, but not many more specifics are available.  However, state government seems to be generally following the phased reopening plans provided by the federal government.

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