Help NV-CURE Make A Change!

Please review the attached ACLU letter to Governor Sisolak and others regarding COVID 19 relief to NV prisoners and arrestees. We need to secure the release from prisons and jails of all elderly prisoners (including any that have served over 25 consecutive years in prison), short timers, and arrestees. We must contain COVID 19 as much as possible, particularly in prisons and jails where exposure may result in death. This is an extremely serious problem that we must alleviate as much as possible.

After review, please send a letter to Governor Sisolak, or comment to him on website, expressing your opinion as to what needs to be done immediately in this matter. Enlist the help of your family and friends in this matter. The more letters and comments of support of this relief the better chance that some relief will be forthcoming.

Do your part.

Thank you


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