Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer

interrogationIf you have been charged or think you may be charged with a criminal act, it is advisable to obtain the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer. A consultation with a criminal attorney, whether you opt for a public defender or a private attorney, will allow you to sort out the options available under the law and help you see a way forward under the stressful circumstances of dealing with being arrested and the subsequent preparations for court.

How do you determine which lawyer among the many dozens of available lawyers is right for you? There really is no one answer to this question, but we would like to propose the following guidelines to assist in your search.

Suggested Resources in selecting a criminal lawyer

  • Martindale Hubbell provides evaluations both from clients, and peer review of other lawyers. Martindale’s highest ranking for lawyers is AV Preeminent. This will give you an idea both of the professionalism and ethical standards practiced by a law firm and individual lawyers as you search for an attorney to represent you.
  • Before hiring a lawyer, you should know what kind of experience he or she has with the type of case that you will be involved with. Has the lawyer been to trial on this type of case, how many times, and what’s their record? These are all questions you should direct to an attorney when deciding to hire them. The Defenders website lists results of various cases that have recently ended in a favorable verdict for the defense.
  • You should find out whether the firm has a transparent billing structure. In criminal law, many types of cases may have a flat fee for various services, or for more complex cases may charge by the hour. Find out from your prospective lawyer what the fee structure is for the type of case you’re facing.
  • Does the firm offer payment terms or other forms of financing which can make hiring that lawyer easier on your budget? The Defenders provides financing for legal fees ranging from in-house payment plans and outside loans to assist in financing your defense. More information on these programs can be found on the website.
  • You should find out a prospective lawyer’s record with the state bar association of the state in which they practice. Has the lawyer been disciplined by the state bar such as reprimand, or suspension of license for a period of time, or have they been disbarred? Such considerations are important in evaluating both the ethics and reputation of a prospective lawyer, which may affect the outcome of your case.
  • What do previous clients of the lawyer have to say about the lawyer’s representation in their case? This may be difficult to ascertain, however our firm’s website shows many recent testimonials from past clients.
  • Once you have determined the professional qualifications of your prospective lawyer, the next and most important question is, do I trust this lawyer to represent me in court? Will I receive the type of representation which is most likely to result in success in my case? This is very personal and is impossible to ascertain without meeting with the attorney and speaking with them about the legal issue at hand. The Defenders offers a free strategy session in which you will meet your attorney and can direct questions to assist in the selection process.

The Defenders criminal lawyers provide ethical, aggressive, and compassionate defense

Whether your criminal matter is a DUI, Drug Charge, Domestic Violence, or more serious matter, our lawyers work to provide the kind of criminal defense which protects your rights and results in success in your case while operating within the highest ethical standards. Criminal charges are serious and can significantly affect your life. Call our office today at (702) 333-3333 to discuss your matter.

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