Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney In Las Vegas

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you’re likely frightened, confused and don’t know where to turn. Who will help you fight the charges against you? Who will stand by your side throughout the investigation and the trial? Who has your best interests at heart?

The Defenders are seasoned criminal defense attorneys who understand that each alleged crime has a unique set of circumstances surrounding it, and we are committed to thoroughly investigating each and every facet of the case to build the best defense possible. We believe that every person has the right to an aggressive defense to help protect their freedoms, liberties and keep their record clear.

Whether you’ve been charged with drug crimes, driving violations, assault, a misdemeanor or a felony, The Defenders will work hard to vigorously defend you throughout every stage of your case.

What The Defenders Can Do For You

  • Investigate your case without bias to determine all facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged crime
  • Determine whether there was police error or misconduct, or you are being falsely accused
  • Go over the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you to give you an idea of how your case will stand up in court
  • Inform you of all the legal options available to you
  • Offer guidance, support and sound legal advice

Prosecutors have a vast amount of resources available to them to find the necessary evidence to convict you. The Defenders are well versed in the prosecution’s tactics and can help you counter them aggressively. We have a number of creative options available to us that can convince the court to dismiss or reduce the charges against you, and we will use every resource we have to vigorously fight for your rights.

What To Do If You’ve Been Charged With A Crime

If you’re facing criminal charges, don’t let law enforcement and the legal process overwhelm or intimidate you. Retain an experienced criminal lawyer who can help you defend the charges against you and build the most persuasive case possible. The Defenders have your best interests in mind and will defend your case to the best of their ability.

Don’t let criminal charges force you to accept negative consequences that will last your entire life. Call us today for a consultation to discuss your case.