COVID-19 Business Update

COVID-19 Business Update - the defendersDear Clients and Friends,

In times of uncertainty, it’s common to look for a sense of reassurance and sources of strength. The Richard Harris Law Firm and its Law Tigers, The Defenders and Ticket Busters divisions help you deal with the risks of everyday life and recover from the unexpected. We’ll get through the COVID-19 crisis with the same approach we’ve used to counsel our clients for 40 years. We take things one step at a time; make the best decisions we can with the information we have and never back down from a fight.

Considering the current pandemic, we’ve enabled 100% of our lawyers and staff to work remotely from home. This gives our clients the continued dedication of their legal team, while doing our best to keep our communities safe.

  • Whether you want to consult with us on a new case or have questions about your existing case, we’re still at your service.
  • We’re available via phone, text, email and virtual conferencing.
  • If there are any scheduling changes to your case, we’ll contact you.

Thank you for the patience you’ve already shown as we move through this challenging situation together. We also want to express sincere appreciation for the amazing healthcare workers and first responders.

Our lawyers and staff hope you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy. Please stay home, support one another and wash your hands frequently. We look forward to coming together face to face again after the immediate threat of COVID-19 passes.