The Defense Begins

Nevada Criminal Justice: A Roadmap For The Accused And Their Families

K. Ryan Helmick, Esq.

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With years of experience defending thousands of clients charged with a crime, The Defenders’ attorney K. Ryan Helmick recognizes the help clients need. When a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, they’re likely frightened, confused, and don’t know where to turn. They are in need of assistance — not just any help, but help from a team of attorneys who know exactly how to aid in criminal cases. Beyond legal support, they need information.

Ryan wrote a book to provide just that needed information: The Defense Begins. The book is a clearly written resource that acts as a simple, reader friendly roadmap for a criminal case, from arrest to trial to resolution. The legal process is outlined in layman’s terms, explaining confusing aspects of the process that often come up, like the difference between public defenders and private lawyers, the role of law enforcement and ICE, and many more applicable topics.

The Defense Begins answers some of the most common questions of the accused and their families, making the Nevada justice system a little less frightening for those who have been arrested and the families who love them. While every state’s laws and procedures vary, this book focuses only on Nevada criminal law.

Ryan has a deep passion for defending those charged with a criminal act. His education, focused training, and extensive experience in the courtroom and working with prosecutors have been acknowledged by more than a dozen significant legal awards during his career.

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