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If this is your third DUI offense, you are at the risk of being in serious trouble and are facing the possibility of serious prison time. First, you should contact The Defenders so we can lead you in the right direction and be your guide throughout this difficult path. We are skilled and trained on DUI cases at this level. Contacting The Defenders right away is extremely crucial for your case, especially if this is your third DUI within seven years. If you have three or more DUI convictions, it is now considered a felony. We will work vigorously to make sure that your case is fully investigated and any arresting inconsistencies are brought to the surface. Receiving a third DUI means you will now be charged with a felony.

When you receive a third DUI within seven years of your first two, you are going face magnified restrictions and consequences. These restrictions are:

  • A prison sentence lasting AT LEAST one to six years
  • License revocation for 3 three years, with the possibility of a restricted license after one year
  • Mandatory fines ranging from $2,000 to $5,000
  • SR22 Nevada insurance requirement
  • Installation of a breath ignition interlock device for one to three years. Payment for this device includes installation and monthly monitoring, all fees are paid by the defendant
  • Possible requirement of attending a felony DUI court for up to 3 years along with being required to partake in substance abuse counseling and rehabilitation

What is considered driving under the influence?

In Nevada, drivers are evaluated on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which is the measure of alcohol within someone’s blood. This level must be above the legal limit to count as driving under the influence. The legal limits for Nevada drivers are:

  • 02% for drivers under 21 years old
  • 04% for commercial licensed drivers
  • 08% for everyone else

Las Vegas 3rd  DUI Criminal Defense Attorney – The Defenders

Facing a third DUI charge is much more serious than your first two DUI charges. This is because the penalties are much more severer than past charges. Don’t fight this alone! The Defenders can provide you peace of mind while making sure the proper steps are taken to have your charges dismissed or reduced so that you are not facing the full weight of the penalties.

It is important that you contact The Defenders immediately so we can start creating an aggressive defense for your case. The Defenders delivers an honest and straightforward response to your charges while providing you personable and communicative involvement throughout the duration of your case. We’re aggressive when we need to be, compassionate when it counts, and always dedicated to your success. That’s what makes us The Defenders, a proud branch of the Richard Harris Law Firm.

We have the experience and knowledge you need to make sure you get the best judgment for your case. We are available day and night to start the process. Simply fill out our Contact Us form or call us at 702.333.3333.You don’t have to go through this alone. Call us today!

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